Client Feedback:

"I feel like a different person than when I walked in, so relaxed!! Absolutely perfect. Exceptional massage. Thank you so much!"
-Valerie, HI

"Very friendly, professional, and concerned about my comfort at all times. She takes great care in addressing my specific needs 100% without filling the time with unnecessary moves."
-Client, Maui School of Therapeutic Massage

"There was a healing flow initiated in my body. I would like to continue my 8-week journey here on Hawai'i with Christina."
-Client, Maui School of Therapeutic Massage

"Christina was really able to get in and loosen up my very tight muscles with her special touch. She addressed my needs absolutely perfectly. Excellent job getting my tissues to respond! 2 hours instead of 1 would be great. Outstanding massage, Christina. Thank you so much!"
-Client, Maui School of Therapeutic Massage

"Positive and responsive to my requests- offered ideas for home exercises. I like firm pressure and she provided this."
-Client, Maui School of Therapeutic Massage

"Christina really got my layers peeled away. She was so professional, therapeutic, and nurturing. I loved the subtle to deep energy & pressure- She was wonderful! Mahalo."
-Client, Maui School of Therapeutic Massage

"Christina ministered to my mind, body, and spirit! A very talented woman- This is the best thing that I've experienced on Maui!"
-Client, Maui School of Therapeutic Massage

"Christina has an absolutely caring and professional manner. Her skills and background contribute to the overall experience and there is nothing that could have been done differently to improve it. She took my lung issue seriously and her work was productive. She was educational and quite simply, I am healthier because of her. Much gratitutde!"
-Bronchiectasis Client

"Interesting and relaxing massage. Christina's gentle voice and unhurried actions created a wonderful experience. My neck and shoulders feel significantly better!"
-Donna, HI

"Very relaxing, careful massage that took into consideration the painful areas. She has a good instinct for just where and how much pressure to use."
-Nathaniel, HI

"Christina approaches the body with a strong and confident manner. She melted my perispinal/lumbar muscles with her touch. I feel very satisfied, and wish I had booked a 2-hour massage."
-Chiropractic Doctor, HI

"She definitely knew what she was doing, and found my tension by intuition and experience."
-Catherine, HI

"PERFECT! Couldn't get any better."
-Artie, HI

"Christina has a wonderful flowing touch which truly helps relax my tight muscles. So sweet, quiet, & calm. Thank you- My range of motion in my neck seems much better."
-Val, HI

"Over the past 6 years, my body has gone through a lot of change - 4 pregnancies! It has been more important than ever to focus on my health, for myself and for the little body I'm growing inside me. After a nutritional consultation with Dr. Nelson, I became aware of essential nutritional needs and what to avoid. I was surprised to see how often I had to question something I was going to ingest and had to ask about it. In addition to my own well-being, my husband and children have benefited from Medicinal Moksha, LLC. My kids actually love their vitamins and veggie choices. She keeps the whole family healthy!

"Everybody's body is different and going through various stages in life. Dr. Nelson's ability to deliver sound advice and direction makes it simple to lead a healthier lifestyle. Adding supplements to my routine was effortless through the MedMok dispensary, because the doctor's suggestions were emailed right to me and could be ordered through my account link. The most important thing I've learned is that preventing disease is better than curing it."
-Elizabeth, TX

"It's like pizza, baby."
- Gary, TX

"Christina is amazing! She really listens and helps with compassion and knowledge. She has helped me and my family live happier, healthier lives! Thank you!!!"
-Michelle, TX

"Doc C saved the day. After several visits to my Rheumatologist (X-rays and MRI), with no diagnosis, Doc Christina suggested acupuncture and herbal therapies. She also advised me on other avenues of Naturopathic Medicine that will help me, including testing for underlying conditions, previously never mentioned by my MD. I am very grateful for Doc's empathy, knowledge and guidance. Highly suggest!!"
-Candace, TX

"I *very* highly recommend the healing services of Christina Nelson!! Intuitive, personable, knowledgeable, professional. Book a session. You'll thank me!"
-Zak, OR

"Dr. Christina is awesome! Very insightful with super energizing hands in a professional and comfortable environment. After her consultation and massage I left feeling new and whole again ...I will be back! Give yourself (and others) this amazing gift today!"
-Steve, OR

"Simply amazing! Christina listens intently, considers issues thoughtfully, and interacts genuinely. I highly recommend consulting with her if you feel a wellness imbalance of any kind."
-Mitchell, TX

"AMAZING!!! My office LOVED her one-hour presentation on what she does and how food can be used as medicine. My employees have immediately started implementing some of her teachings and are asking me when we can have her back in the office for another teaching."
-Emily, TX

"I contacted the good doctor about some leg and joint pain from an old motorcycle accident. Meeting a new doctor can be a uncomfortable experience. Not so with Dr. Nelson. It becomes clear within minutes of speaking, that she has a genuine passion for her work and true empathy. I felt welcomed almost instantly. Her patience in helping me understand my treatment options is refreshing.
Within an hour, she had prepared me a custom action plan with foods, essential oils and vitamins. Dinner was delicious. Dr. Nelson is a invaluable fountain of knowledge and a credit to her profession."
-Jared, OR

"It was a great experience. Really full of knowledge. Thanks again. I'm on the path of recovery."
-Christopher, TX

"I've had the privilege of being a client for many years. I've had nutrition classes, massages, and wellness consultations at various stages in my life, the most frequent (and most beneficial) times being during my four pregnancies. Christina is accommodating to busy clients, like myself, by offering phone and online consultations. This worked best for me, since babies aren’t always on a great schedule!
The personalization I received helped me understand the topics my primary care doctor and obgyn covered, but I couldn’t see how to incorporate into my life. My health and well being have drastically improved since obtaining Christina’s guidance. My husband and children have benefited from the lifestyle choices I’ve made for our household."
-Liz, TX