Dirty Dozen

Clean Grocery Shopping

Have you heard of the "Dirty Dozen?" The Environmental Working Group recommends purchasing these foods in the organic section, as they contain the highest levels of pesticides and other harmful chemicals in conventional U.S. agriculture:

-Bell Peppers
-Kale/Collard Greens
-Imported Grapes

Detox Month

aum mani padme hum

I recently returned to the States after 3.5 months of post-med school backpacking through Latin America. During this time, I learned about indigenous remedies, explored a wide variety of healing modalities, and connected with colleagues I met studying tropical medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health a few years ago. It's been a luxurious week of clean running tapwater, abundant TP, comfortable beds (the same one every night!), native language, back relief (from not carrying a pack), plenty of indulgent food, and celebratory adult beverages with the family.