•28-Day Guided Cleanse •

Ready to Jump-Start Your Health?

Be the Change✲ you've been wishing to see in yourself. Beginning 01 Oct, I'll be guiding a four week-long gentle cleanse that will reset, restore, & rejuvenate our bodies while clearing the mind & uplifting the spirit. Group meetups and private Skype sessions are included in the package, and you'll receive a bonus 15% discount on all related products & services for the entire month!

Includes weekly class with accompanying notes, scheduled online or in-person (for those who live in Austin) support sessions, daily meal suggestions, grocery lists, in-house juice & raw food demos (when applicable), as well as castor oil pack & skin brushing instructions. Internal group support meet-ups are encouraged.

15% discount on lymphatic drainage/circulatory massage or detox facial massage.
15% discount on select professional-grade herbs & supplements to complement the experience & maximize detoxification pathways

Space is Limited! Reserve your spot today sending an email to doc@medmok.com with your personal goals (ex: weight loss, energy/mood, stress reduction, digestion, etc).

Starting at only $50 per week for those who register before the end of September.

Price per Person (discount for friend enrollment)
What is your primary goal?
Invest in your health...

Winter Holiday Healing Class: Healthy Living: 101

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed this time of year? Take some time out for an engaging morning of warming herbal tea, guided meditation/Pranayama breathing, gentle yoga, a brief talk by Doctora Christina, holiday wellness ideas, & parting gifts. Wholesome gluten/dairy-free snacks will be provided. All participants will receive 10% off the 28-Day Cleanse (see description below) as well as first dibs on nutritional wellness consultations & massages until 27 December.
*Hint: Excellent gift idea!!

Tentative Schedule:
11:45-12:00- Jingle & Mingle
12:00-1:15- Introduction to Pranayama
1:15-1:45- Yoga for Peace of Mind
-Tea & Snack Break-
2:00-2:45- Healthy Living: 101
2:45-3:00- Q & A with the Doc
3:00-4:30- Gifts & Registration

Private/small class passes must be purchased in advance:

Bring a Friend & Save $!

More Upcoming Events

(To reserve a private party, please send inquiry email to doc@medmok.com)

• Weekly Meal Planning
• Nature Cure at Home
• Organic Home Facials
• Raw Juice Fasting
• Chakra Clearing
• Healing with Stones
• Aromatherapy Immersion
• Mud Pack Party
• Salt Glow & Honey Scrub Skin Rejuvenation
• Shamanic Healing Circle
• Group Nutritional Guidance
• Ergonomic Advising