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28-Day Guided Cleanse
4 weeks of gentle purification.

• Food as Medicine
The fundamentals of mindful consumption as a source of healing. Learn the ancestral wisdom of using food as medicine and modern ways to heal your body through nourishing dietary choices. Health, sustainability and our global environment are not only interrelated, but inseparable. This presentation aims to integrate holistic preventative nutrition with responsible practices. By maximizing edible nutrients and engaging in close-to-home community collaboration, chronic disease and mortality can be reduced. Although the concept that local foods and herbs have medicinal value predates our modern civilization, we are being called to find innovative ways to cultivate our gardens and practice integrative home-based healing by returning to the root of nourishment, restoring balance, and remembering respect for the Earth's natural resources.

Topics of Discussion:
Lifestyle Medicine, Global Health, Food Resource Sustainability, Community Education, Indigenous Ethnobotany, Wellness Nutrition, Greening of the Pantry, Detox Essentials, & Natural Cures for Common Ailments

• Detox Essentials
Basic detoxification essentials to give you a vital new glow.

• Ayurvedic Doshas
Have you heard of the Ayurvedic medicine? This traditional Tri-Doshic system of healing is a unique and profound method of balancing the body, mind, and spirit based on your specific Dosha. We'll go over Pitta, Vata, & Kapha types and how to optimize wellness for each.

• Nature Cure for Common Ailments
Our bodies have an innate wisdom of self-healing, which many of us have forgotten. Discover new ways to re-connect with your best self and better health by boosting your immune system, reducing inflammation, and effective home remedies for common non-emergency ailments.

• Beauty from the Inside Out
When you feel good, you look good! Raise your confidence with Nature's beauty tricks. In this interactive class, we'll cover the foundations from what you consume to what you apply. There are many natural ways to achieve radiant skin, hair, nails, a glowing complexion, and reduce "blemishes." People will wonder about your youthful secret...

• 5 Elements Healing
The ancient Chinese healers devised a fascinating system for creating balance in the body, based on five primary elements, each relating to an organ and emotion. By understanding our excesses and deficiencies, we can work on strengthening physically, optimising organ function, and releasing unhealthy patterns, as well as the best foods to consume for your personal constitution, time of day, and season.

• Travel Illness Prevention
The last thing you need when travelling with family or on a solo adventure is to be burdened by illness and miss out on days (or weeks) of scheduled plans. Save time, money, and avoid "Montezuma's Revenge" by following a few simple guidelines and keeping a preventive 1st aid/digestive kit on hand.

• Movement of Qi- Exploring DaoYin
Every day, hundreds of thousands of Americans are diagnosed with diseases related to stress and stagnancy. Instead of becoming one of these statistics, learn to open your Meridian channels, activate Chakras, circulate blood and lymph, and move the "Qi" or Prana life force energy throughout your body to prevent injury and illness.

• Enhancing Cognition Naturally
Do you wish you had more focus? More energy? Less brain fog? Have you struggled with attention or memory problems? This class will provide you with tools to sharpen your mind and give your brain a boost through proper exercise, nutrition, and supplements.

• Women's Wellness: A New Moon Celebration
Whether you are flowering into your womanhood, interested in fertility or menstrual regulation, or post-menopausal, join us for an enlightening presentation about the full spectrum of female-related health. We'll discuss seed cycling, how the moon relates to our womb, ancient cultural history, Wise Woman balancing herbs, and much more.
*Please bring a comfortable cushion to sit on.

• Candida Cleanse
Bacterial or yeast overgrowth can be an uncomfortable and irritating experience, which seems to return at the worst times. Fortunately, there are natural ways of overcoming and preventing infections, as well as soothing and healing tender tissues. This talk will cover how stress and diet relate to vaginal health and how to restore balance to the local micro-flora for a more comfortable daily life.

• Energy Around the Clock
Feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? Does fatigue overwhelm you and prevent productivity in the afternoon? Wish you could kick the caffeine addiction, but dread dragging your feet? You are not alone. Join us for a lively conversation about sustainable energy in our bodies and minds. Learn foods to include and avoid, 5-minute wake-up routines for any time of day, and natural ways to ensure long-lasting stamina so you can fit it all in and feel good about yourself.

Coming Soon...
• Curing Winter Blues
• Shedding Holiday Pounds
• Juice Fasting
• Gluten-Free Cooking
• Raw Foods 101
• Flower Essences 101
• Essential Oils 101
• Homeopathy 101
• Green Your Home
• Yoga Alignment
• Food Elimination Diet
• Chakra Balancing
• Bio-Rhythm Reset
• Blood Type Dieting
• DaoYin Qi Movement & Self-Healing
• Breast Health
• Fertility Awareness & Seed Cycling
Twist & Shout! Organ Wringing
• Guided Grocery Tour
• Healing with Whole Foods
• Heart-Healthy Habits
• Yin/Yang Balancing Daily Habits
• Organic Home Facial Massage