BoBo's Borscht

Super Yummy & Cool Vegan Soup for Two...

1) In a pot, boil 4 whole beets, plus 2 cloves of garlic and 2 fresh shoots of turmeric, for about 45 mins. Add 1 tsp apple cider vinegar and water as needed.
2) In a separate pan, steam a whole zucchini and ginger root. When well-cooked, put into a container to cool in the fridge.
3) When beets have cooked thoroughly, gently remove the skins (they should shed easily), then put these, along with the garlic, turmeric, and cooking water into a large blender. Add a little water as needed and puree for 1-2 mins. Then place in fridge.
4) When all is cold, and ready to serve, mix soy/coconut yogurt into the liquid, mix in cooked veggies as well as crunchy organic bean sprouts for texture. Top with cilantro sprigs.